Texans Thanksgiving Throwdown

Thanksgiving 2020 is probably a little different for most of y’all this year; You may be social distancing with your family over zoom or not even at all, which sucks! But hey, we can always find the best in a bad situation, so I do hope that your Thanksgiving meal is as sloppy & satisfying as this Texans v Lions game was. A chaotic first half defined by 9 penalties, 3 fumbles & a JJ Watt pick six ended with Houston holding a 23-14 lead over Detroit. Deshaun Watson must’ve had some cranberries at halftime because the man came back out & straight sauced; 4 TDs + 318 yards for the kid & I think he earned his turkey leg… Texans take a win over the Lions, 41-25. Even in the midst of an abysmal szn, I think winning on a day like Thanksgiving still means something. It’s a cool lil nugget that lets us all forget about the dumpster fire that we’re currently standing in, even if for just a day. I think all’ve our sweet potatoes are going to taste a lil sweeter tonight, happy Thanksgiving y’all!

-Taylor A. Jackson. (@lilbrotaylor)

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